Whether you’re a hobbyist or want to go pro, this course will take your work from amateur to impressive. Everything I wish I had known in the first couple of years of starting photography I put into this course. From gear lists to softwares I use in my business, it’s all laid out in an easy-to-understand format. 

conquer the ins and outs of photography basics is right here!

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This course breaks it all down into simple, easy to understand language as you grow your confidence shooting in manual. No more searching the vast world of youtube trying to make sense of how to start and increase your skills. Photography 101 is the foundational knowledge I believe every photographer needs to launch into a successful journey. 

Learning how to use your camera, what lenses are which, and figuring out all those numbers mean can feel like a foreign language.

photography 101


By the time you complete Photography 101
you will:

Learn how to start shooting in Manual Mode

Get a break down of what extra gear is important to have or not have such as memory cards

Understand the difference of lenses (and see visual examples of popular ones) 

Understand the differences in popular camera bodies on the market

“Understand Light” for optimal and high quality photos

Get a full break down of the softwares I use for my business

Learn how to control kelvin white balance and shoot in RAW

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Best of all

this convenient self-paced video course is one you can come back to and re-watch if you need a refresh on some info. 

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covers the following topics:

Camera Bodies

Camera Lenses

Extra Gear

Shooting in Manual

Kelvin and RAW

Softwares I Use

Understanding Light

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bonus video:

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