For years I was throwing my pricing spaghetti against the wall hoping something would stick without making sense of WHY I was pricing myself the way I was. Unfortunately, many people do the same, and are losing out on money and profitability they need. 

if you feel stuck and unsure 

how to approach raising your prices or how to provide clients with pricing and package information,

i get it.

i'm ready

Having little to no direction on pricing in your business can ultimately lead you to burn out and resent your business, and I’ve seen so many photographers over the years in this place. This is exactly why I created the pricing training to show absolutely EVERYTHING I do in my pricing and sales approach. Everything is on the table, and I do not hold back! 

This pricing training is a recording from a live group call I held with real photographers looking for a money makeover in their businesses. At the end of the training, I held a Q&A session where many asked their pressing questions and got clarity on everything covered in the training portion. You will get both the training and Q&A so nothing is left unsaid.

trade your confusion for confidence.

Pricing training


i need this

covers the following topics:

money mindset

how to show value

importance of branding

pre-qualifying your leads

website do's and dont's

when to increase your prices

this course

sales strategy

my exact inquiry response process

i'm in

1 payment of $147

One easy Payment

After watching this training video,

you will have a solid, straight forward strategy for approaching pricing and sales with every inquiry that comes your way.

You will position your business to make MORE money and be more profitable than ever. You will stop questioning how to send packages to inquiring clients and instead feel confident you’re charging your worth and making the MOST of your photography business! 

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